Extorr Inc. - Residual Gas Analyzers

Extorr RGA with spectra

Simplifying Vacuum Measurements

Welcome to Extorr Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced electronic instruments utilizing quadrupole mass spectrometer technology. At the heart of our product line is the XT Series Residual Gas Analyzer with built-in Pirani and Ion Gauges, an indispensable device for maintenance and characterization of high vacuum systems.

Founders and Company Expertise

Founded by industry veterans, Extorr's expertise has its roots deep within the residual gas analyzer (RGA) field. We've drawn from this rich history and extensive knowledge to design our products, setting new industry standards and benchmarks along the way.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

  • Transparent replacement parts pricing, and a well-maintained inventory of spare and replacements
  • Accessible on-call support
  • All software and subsequent upgrades are free, and available for online download