Silica Glass
Stainless Steel

Description: Glass or stainless steel capillary tubing connects the Extorr Build-Your-Own Mass Spectrometer to a separate chamber or gas container from which gas will flow to the RGA for analysis. Capillary tubing is available in various lengths, OD, and ID specifications. In addition to the capillary tubing, all capillary tubing orders come with vespel/graphite ferrules or stainless steel ferrules. Orders also ship with capillary plugs if appropriate.

Product NumberMaterialOuter Diameter (OD)Inner/Small Diameter (ID)Length
CGSD25SDM1Silica glass120 µm25 µm1 meter
CGSD40SDM2Silica glass240 µm40 µm2 meters
CGSD50SDM3Silica glass280 µm50 µm3 meters
CS16SD5F5304 stainless steel1/16 inch.00500 inch5 feet
CS16SD10F5304 stainless steel1/16 inch.0100 inch5 feet
CS16SD20F5304 stainless steel1/16 inch.0200 inch5 feet
CS16SD30F5304 stainless steel1/16 inch.0300 inch5 feet
CS8SD69F6304 stainless steel1/8 inch.0690 inch6 feet
CS4SD120F6304 stainless steel3/16 inch.118 inch6 feet
CS4SD210F6304 stainless steel1/4 inch.210 inch6 feet
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