Description: The High Conductance Valve with one or two pressure reduction bypasses is made from 304 stainless steel and has 2 DN 40 CF, 2 ¾  inch rotatable ConFlat (CF) flanges. Each pressure reduction bypass has a metal sealed on-off valve and a flow restrictor. The high conductance valve is sealed with an Elastomer O-Ring. The vacuum side of the valve connects to the RGA chamber and the high pressure side connects to the customer’s process chamber. When all three valves are closed, the RGA is isolated from the process chamber. Opening either pressure reduction valve allows the RGA to sample the customer’s high-pressure process through a flow restricting aperture. The aperture(s) may be sized for processes that operate at different pressures. If the process chamber base pressure is low enough, the high conductance valve may be opened to measure the background gasses or for leak checking the process chamber. Stainless steel mounting hardware is included with copper gaskets for the CF flanges and extra VCR gaskets for the bypass valves.  

Material304 stainless steel
Valve Flanges2 ¾ inch CF (DN 40 CF) rotatable
Weight6 lbs.
Hardware Supplied12 pcs. ¼-28 x 1.5 inch SS bolts, nuts, flat washers, and 2 pcs. 2 ¾ inch CF copper gaskets
High Conductance ValveElastomer O-ring seal
Bypass Valve(s)Metal sealed
Bypass Valve FittingsVCR fitting with flow restrictor orifice sized to the customer’s request
Pressure Reduction ApertureSized to customer’s request
Product NumberDescription
VAHC1L (1 Bypass Valve)Valve inlet assembly; 1 high conductance valve sealed with elastomer o-ring, 1 metal sealed on-off valve (leak valve) mounted on 2 ¾ inch CF flange (DN 40 CF)
VAHC2L (2 Bypass Valves)Valve inlet assembly; 1 high conductance valve sealed with elastomer o-ring, 2 metal sealed on-off valves (leak valves) mounted on 2 ¾ inch CF flanges (DN 40 CF)

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