1. Run VacuumPlusInstall.exe by double clicking on it (from the cd-rom or other disk)


  a. will check to see that your computer meets the minimum requirements for operating system and screen resolution. A minimum of Windows 2000, up to Windows 10 is necessary.

  b. will copy the Vacuum Plus files to the directory you select. The default directory is Extorr Inc the files are: Vacuum Plus.exe, xmlparse.dll, xmltok.dll

  c. will copy the DLL’s to the system directory that it needs. It will attempt to update other DLL’s to newer versions. Sometimes this will report problems if it cannot do this. Some of the problems will require the latest Windows service packs to be installed. Sometimes there will be other applications running that will prevent the DLL from being updated. You can deal with these as they may appear. Some problems may be ignored, call the factory if any questions.

  d. will update the Windows registry with some settings for the application to run properly.

  e. will place the Vacuum Plus shortcut to Vacuum Plus.exe on your desktop and into the start menu.

2. Start the Vacuum Plus software by double clicking on the Vacuum Plus icon on your desktop or run it from the start menu, you should see the main window and can adjust the size to suit your monitor.

3. If you do not have sound hardware on your computer, you may get a message asking if you want to continue without the sound features. If you get an error about DSound.dll you will need to update your computer to the latest version of Microsoft DirectX. Goto : Microsoft DirectX 9.0. Install DirectX and then Start the Vacuum Plus software.

4. Click on the STOP SIGN icon, the program cannot start until you make a configuration file on your computer for your individual RGA hardware. The configuration file has the calibration and operating parameters for your particular RGA.

NOTE, as you move your mouse pointer over the icons the names will appear in a few seconds.

5.  Load the factory configuration file by clicking on the configuration icon, selecting OPEN and selecting the snXXXX_factory_cal.cfg file from your cd-rom. This will load a configuration file with calibration parameters set to the factory settings for your RGA, it should be the starting
point for any new configuration files that you make. As you change settings, you can save a new configuration file at any time and recall it later.

6. Initialize the COM port setting.
Click the Communications tab or the icon and select the comm port
that you want to use for the RGA.

7. Save this configuration file to your disk, anywhere that you like. Click on the CONFIGURATION icon or the Configuration tab. Click on the Save As button and enter a name for the new configuration.

8. Exit the program and attach a serial cable from the selected comm port to the XT RGA and plug in the 24 Volt power to the device.

9. When you restart the Vacuum Plus software by double clicking on the Vacuum Plus icon on your desktop or running it from the start menu, it will load the last configuration file that you saved (from step 7) and begin to run.
Consult the manual for further operation.